Startups, join us !

You want to join the P.Factory Start-ups Tribe? Right here and now? Not so fast, young brave! A few initiation rites need to be completed before you can be officially declared a member of the Tribe. Find out about the P.Factory membership criteria and selection process to become part of our wonderful community of entrepreneurs. May the PACA PACA force be with you!

0 €

No membership fees will be charged. We prefer you to keep your money for developing your product or service and for finding customers.

5 %

Share taken in your nominal capital. A win-win deal!

6 months

To pull out of the P.Factory programme is you're not satisfied (cancelling the transfer of the 5% of capital).

100 %

Alignment of interests between the start-ups and P.Factory! We only make money if you make money ;-)