Startups, join us !

You want to join P.Factory’s Start-ups Tribe? Right here and right now? Not so fast, young Sioux! A few initiation rites need to be completed before you can be officially declared a member of the Tribe. Find out about the P.Factory membership criteria and selection process to become part of our wonderful community of entrepreneurs. May the force be with you!

2 offers for entrepreneurs

P.Factory thought of everything ! Whether for long-term or short-term support, we offer entrepreneurs two types of offer. It’s up to you to tell us which one is best suited to your needs and needs of the moment!


  • Companies created, with high growth potential and scalables.
  • P.Factory is with you for a long time (shareholder)
  • 5% du capital


  • Companies with progressive and controlled growth or projects
  • P.Factory accompanies you as much as you like (advice)
  • 200€ by month (6 months minimum)

Want to join the tribe?