Startups, join us !

You want to join P.Factory’s Start-ups Tribe? Right here and right now? Not so fast, young Sioux! A few initiation rites need to be completed before you can be officially declared a member of the Tribe. Find out about the P.Factory membership criteria and selection process to become part of our wonderful community of entrepreneurs. May the force be with you!

Ok, but do I qualify? What are the selection criteria?

You guessed it: becoming a member of the select P.Factory Tribe takes more than just dressing up in your best headdress and moccasins! There's a whole initiation ritual to go through to make sure you're suitable. At P.Factory we don't have any preferred business sector, however 3 main criteria are strictly applied by the Big Chiefs:

The need

Does your project meet a real need? Is the market large enough? Two questions that are essential at P.Factory! There's no point trying to sell a product or service that nobody will buy. Like a connected totem that makes coffee and hoovers the tepee for example…

The team

The human factor is a vital component in a start-up's success! Having a good idea isn't enough; you need the right people alongside you to make it work. At the Tribe, we take the view that to go hunting you need the best hunters, with the appropriate skills for the job and a bucket load of enthusiasm!

Company registration

To make a start-up grow, it first needs to exist on paper! P.Factory is committed to only selecting registered companies for membership to its tribe. Why? So we can help you gallop forward to the next stage! You haven't yet set up your company? Take part in one of our open events to bring your business creation plan to fruition.

Want to join the tribe ?