Startups, join us !

You want to join the P.Factory Start-ups Tribe? Right here and now? Not so fast, young brave! A few initiation rites need to be completed before you can be officially declared a member of the Tribe. Find out about the P.Factory membership criteria and selection process to become part of our wonderful community of entrepreneurs. May the PACA PACA force be with you!

Information meeting

The Web is fine, but we really would like to meet you in the flesh! The first meeting with P.Factory is aimed at giving you fuller details of the Tribe's programme. It's also an opportunity for you to ask all your questions and make sure that P.Factory really is right for you, before submitting your application dossier! Information meetings are held once a month at Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Nice.

Application file

Won over by our programme? Our shaman cast his spell over you? Ask for an application form and get writing! No need to panic: we're not asking you to write a novel or draw up a business plan, just answer a few questions to find out more about you and your project. Keep it short! As people tend to say around these parts, "go straight for goal" (Droit au but) ;-)

Selection committee

Each week, the Big Chiefs get together to review the start-up applications to join the Tribe. The committee examines each application according to the selection criteria. You're selected? Then welcome to the Tribe! You didn't make the cut? We'll also explain the reasons why so that you can improve and try again at a later date!

Membership protocol signature

The only thing left is to sign on the dotted line! The Big Chiefs will send you a few documents that you need to fill in before starting.

Introduction workshop

Your first taste of life in the Tribe! On the first day, you'll be invited to participate in an intoduction workshop at which you'll be able to meet the P.Factory team and the latest start-up recruits. Depending on your development stage, we'll arrange a one-on-one interview a little later with one of the Big Chiefs to discuss your project :)