At P.Factory, we know how to put on a show! We do everything in our power to offer you events that match your needs. Pitch Parties, Meetups, Start-up Parties… certain events are open only to start-up members while others are open to all. That's right, at P.Factory we think of everybody! Check the events calendar regularly and feel free to sign up.

  • P.Factory’s Academy

    P.Factory’s Academy is an accelerated training program dedicated to entrepreneurs of the region. The idea is to teach the basis of entrepreneurship in order to build your business on strong foundations while avoiding common mistakes. This training program is completely free for the startups mentored by P.Factory.

  • Startup Party

    It's a little like the camp shindig! All the members of the start-ups tribe get together over a drink and a grilled buffalo sandwich. It's a great occasion to celebrate good news, talk about how each member's project is coming along and get to meet the newcomers! These events take place every 2 months approximately at the Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Nice camps.

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  • Angels' Party

    Put on your top hat and tails for the reservation's quarterly bash! Organized at one of our allies' tepee, it's THE place each quarter to meet the sages and potential investors. A perfect opportunity to meet up with all the P.Factory Tribe members – this time over a succulent buffalo chasseur!

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  • Workshop

    If some chiefs come up against a common issue, one of P.Factory's Big Chiefs calls them together for a pow-wow to pass on his or her wisdom. The themes reflect the varied nature of the issues raised

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  • Worktogether

    Gathered together in the same tepee, the chiefs of all the tribes in a same business sector congregate for a brainstorming session. The aim? Exchange a few good practices to better move ahead! As a result, everybody leaves with more arrows their quivers and better prepared to do battle!

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